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full length

(2f, 1 neutral)

Angela has arrived to congratulate her twin sister on her new baby but, instead finds Eve “cohabitating” with a Filipino vampire with an infamous hunger for all things fetus. Does Angela believe Eve’s claims that all is well with her new relationship? NANAY, a new play by Molly Olis Krost, incorporates Filipino mythology and tradition to compare eastern and western approaches to sisterhood, trauma and healing

development/production history:

  • Finalist - Bay Area Playwrights Festival at Playwrights Foundation, 2024

  • Workshop - New Voices at Town Hall Theatre, 2023

  • Reading - The Parsnip Ship, 2022

  • Reading - PlayGround Festival of New Works, 2022

  • Workshop – Virgin Play Festival at Magic Theatre, 2021

  • Semi-Finalist - National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, 2020 

  • Semi-Finalist - Bay Area Playwrights Festival at Playwrights Foundation, 2020

  • Reading – San Francisco Playhouse, 2019



What We Found

(2f, 2m)

DANIEL and GISELLE are cousins facing the daunting the task of cleaning out the garage of their grandparent's home. When their estranged cousin MAGGIE arrives, desperate for insight into the Jewish ancestry she never knew their family had, DANIEL and GISELLE must go to great lengths to hide their true purpose of searching the garage. A play about mixed-raced identity and how we choose to define "family."​

development/production history:

  • Semi-Finalist - Bay Area Playwrights Festival at Playwrights Foundation, 2022

  • Workshop – The Whole Megillah – Jewish New Play Festival at San Diego REP, 2021

  • Finalist - Jewish Playwriting Contest, 2021

  • Reading – SFSU Fringe Festival , 2018

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(4f, 4m)

Mothers and daughters in both 1972 and the present find themselves listening to an announcement from Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte that can only mean one thing.  Who are they against? Or, better yet, who should they be against? DIKTADOR looks at the tumultuous history of martial law in Philippines, comparing one of the bloodiest periods in the country’s past to the eerily similar signs appearing in their current administration.​

development/production history:

  • Reading – Greenhouse Festival, Z Space, 2018

  •  Reading – Urban x Indigenous Festival, SOMArts Cultural Center, 2018

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After the Wake

(2f, 1m)

Rose returns home for her mother's funeral. She finds her father, Michael, experiencing a "return to faith," sitting shiva for a wife who was not Jewish. Her brother, Jacob, is barely holding it together and barely speaking to her. And Evangeline...isn't supposed to here. A clash of family, clash of religion, and clash of Filipino and Jewish culture.

development/production history:

  • Reading – UC Berkeley Playwrights Showcase, Durham Studio Theater, 2015


short plays

School Haze

(3f, 3m)

Three students stay after school to supervise their male classmates who are supposed to be serving a detention sentence. As the boys undermine their authority and berate them with insult, a fire is lit within the gils to take this mistreatment no longer. A political drama inspired by the Kavanaugh hearings and the #MeToo movement.

development/production history:

  • Production - San Francisco State University Fringe Festival, 2020

  • Production – Ain’t I A Woman Playfest (Kentucky) 2019

  • Reading – empowHER Series, Cluth Productions (New York), 2018

After Hubris


What would have happened if Icarus had survived his tragic fall and he and Daedalus were, once again, stuck in the labyrinth? A short "what-if" take on the classic myth.​

development/production history:

  • Production - MaArte Theatre Collective, (San Diego), 2020

  • Production – Best of PlayGround 23, PlayGround 2019

  • Reading – Monday Night PlayGround, PlayGround, 2018

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